Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Couric Interview: Obama Admits Messing Up (video)

Photo credits: AP

Keep in mind that following one of the most rigorous vetting processes in contemporary history, the Senate confirmed Hillary Clinton as secretary of state with a 94-2 vote.

The Obama Administration obviously did not vet either Bill Richardson as nominee for commerce secretary or Tom Daschle as nominee for secretary of Health and Human Services as thoroughly as it vetted both Hillary and Bill Clinton. (I doubt the activities of Mrs. Richardson or Mrs. Daschle ever came under scrutiny.)

Today, Daschle joined the previously sidelined Richardson, who is still under investigation, by choosing to withdraw from the process rather than face further embarrassment over tax issues.

Speaking to Katie Couric on Daschle’s withdrawal today, Obama said, “I messed up.” (Watch video here.)

I agree Mr. President: you should have made sure the boys were vetted as rigorously as Hillary Clinton.

Here’s the irony: with Daschle’s withdrawal, three prominent male Democrats who supported Obama against Clinton during the primary have since been publicly humiliated. I include the ethically challenged John Edwards along with Richardson and Daschle.

Echoing through the disarray in the Obama Administration this evening, one can almost hear Maya Angelou’s voice: “Rise, Hillary, Rise.”


  1. Tis a bittersweet victory, to be sure. But, yes... I believe the goddess is on our side!

    And so, apparently, does Hillbuzz:


    And then there's that little issue with the groundhog biting the mayor:


    I hate to say it but....

    Are we having fun yet?

    This could be a very entertaining four years for Her devotees.

  2. Thanks for the links SYD - all very much appreciated. Kudos to Hillbuzz for that comprehensive list!