Sunday, August 5, 2012

A radiant Hillary Clinton in Malawi

Photo courtesy of Kismaayo Daily

Hillary Clinton is in a celebratory mood as she meets with Africa’s second female head of state, Malawian President Joyce Banda. (See Politico’s photo gallery of Hillary’s latest tour of African nations.)

The AP reports:

LILONGWE, Malawi - Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton offered praise and pledged continued American support to the impoverished southern African nation of Malawi on Sunday, making a brief a stop here to visit with the country’s first woman president, only the second female African head of state.

A longtime champion for women’s empowerment, Clinton met Malawian President Joyce Banda in the capital of Lilongwe and encouraged her to stay on a course of economic reform to make the country more attractive to foreign investment.


  1. Hillary deserves so much credit for all of her work abroad and at home. Women especially, owe her a debt of gratitude for her ongoing, tireless battle for gender equality and women's rights. Her accomplishments are under-reported in this country, due to the fact that our media system is biased and deeply flawed. The extreme left wing media outlets support the rights of all oppressed groups - except women. Additionally, they're afraid that anything positive reported about Hillary, might make Obama look weak (which he is). The right wing outlet(s) don't believe women should have equal rights, in the first place.

    One day, however, maybe decades from now. At some point in the future, her accomplishments and work on behalf of both men and women in this country and throughout the world, will be well known. She will be given at least, some of the credit she's due.

    1. Thank you, freespirit, for your insightful comment.