Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The media picks up the pieces of its shattered stereotype of Hillary Clinton

Hillary shatters her media stereotype.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has successfully shattered the media’s stereotype of her that emerged from its collective sexist imagination in the 90s. As Hillary strode onto the world stage in her current role, the mainstream punditry, supported by unapologetic bigoted bloggers, scrambled to make excuses for their earlier misrepresentations of this powerful woman. The preferred explanation is not that the media saw her through the lenses of sexism and misogyny, but that she has changed over the years.

As the media would have it, Hillary Clinton, now in her 60s, has suddenly learned how to kick back and enjoy a cold one; she displays extraordinary ease and confidence out on the dance floor, and she has a sense of humor!!

Hillary’s many longtime friends and acquaintances assure us that she hasn’t changed – this is the Hillary they’ve always known and loved.

What a shocker. Acknowledged world leader Hillary Clinton is also a loving and relational human being who knows how to relax and have a good time.

The above thoughts helped me fill in the blanks in this piece by Margaret Carlson at Bloomberg that focuses on the secretary’s latest farewell tour:

As if a peaceful Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t enough of a challenge, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had to spend her holiday chasing an even more unattainable ideal: peace in the Middle East.

So Clinton left her and President Barack Obama’s trip to Asia to broker a deal between Israel and Hamas. She met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel (who was slightly more accommodating after his romance with failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney did not prove fruitful). She met with President Mohamed Mursi of Egypt. She met with leaders of the Palestinian Authority. The end result was a cease-fire that got photos of teddy bears amid rubble off the front page.

Like too many of her achievements, however, this one was soon spoiled -- or at least overshadowed -- by a man: Mursi, feeling empowered after delivering a Hamas cease-fire to the U.S., issued a decree essentially declaring himself above the law. Clinton is used to men complicating her life, notably her husband, Bill, and then-senator Barack Obama. The latter destroyed her presidential campaign, the former her marriage (almost).

In the annals of those who pick themselves up and dust themselves off, Hillary has no peer -- unless it is Bill. They now rest at (she) and near (he) the top of lists of the Most Admired Man and Woman in the World.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Successful surgery and a happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Katalusis readers,

Following successful knee replacement surgery on Nov. 6, I returned home from the hospital and transitional care on Nov. 20. My stay in the hospital and temporarily being unable to care for myself has been a powerful reminder of the importance of family and friends in my life - including faithful friends of Katalusis.

My son will be picking me up at around 11 a.m. today for Thanksgiving dinner with him and my daughter-in-law. I'm looking forward to this occasion to focus on gratitude for all the gifts I've received lately.

May each of you have the best Thanksgiving Day ever!

Virginia Bergman

Monday, November 5, 2012

Busting the myth of President Obama as peacemaker and Secretary Clinton as warmonger

Saying no to both the above.
As noted elsewhere on this blog, I’m scheduled for knee replacement surgery tomorrow morning and may not be able to post for a few weeks. Yep. That’s right. Surgery on election day, but I’m ahead of the game; I voted absentee the other day.

The final presidential debate left me no choice but to vote third party. In the concluding minutes of the debate, Gov. Romney enthusiastically voiced his support of the Obama Administration’s use of drones and presumably the president’s kill list, which he continues to develop. I could not in good conscience vote for either of these men.

And keep in mind, if you will, that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton early on urged Obama to cut back on the use of force and develop a more comprehensive approach to fighting terrorism.

So much for the myth of Obama as peacemaker and Hillary as warmonger that Obama loyalists continue to perpetuate despite the growing evidence to the contrary.