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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Time and channel for tonight's Democratic debate

Podium order for tonight's debate, via CNN.

How can I watch the debate?

CNN will air the debate on CNN, CNN International and CNN en EspaƱol. You can also watch a livestream of the debate on CNN.com's homepage, on the CNN Politics' live blog and across mobile platforms beginning at 8:30 p.m. ET. Westwood One News will air the debate live through their broadcast radio stations as well.

APA members sued by two former CIA prisoners and family of another

Go here for a list of torture tactics.
The story in today's Christian Science Monitor by staff member Molly Jackson brings back the shock and horror I felt when I first learned about the CIA's egregious practice of torturing suspected terrorists. Can any civilized human being read the stuff below without blanching:

Two former CIA prisoners and the family of another who died in detainment filed a lawsuit on Thursday, alleging that they suffered torture at one of the Agency’s secret “black site” prisons for terrorism suspects.

They allege that the black sites often used so-called “enhanced interrogation” methods condemned by a 2014 Senate Intelligence Committee report, including beatings, exposure to extreme cold, and confinement in small boxes.

But the target of their lawsuit is not the CIA itself, but the two psychologists responsible for shaping the Agency’s interrogation policies: James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, both retired Air Force psychologists.

Recommended: Waterboarding and other 'Decision Points' in Bush's war on terror
The accusations come just months after the release of the Hoffman report, a separate investigation requested by the American Psychological Association (APA) that found the professional organization guilty of collaborating with the Department of Defense and contorting its ethical guidelines to permit members to advise on interrogations, which the American Medical Association and American Psychiatric Association had forbidden for their own members.

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

The loose-lipped Kevin McCarthy and yet another Clinton non-scandal

Rep. Kevin McCarthy
Even as the Democratic Party takes seriously the possible candidacy of loose-lipped, gaffe prone Joe Biden, the Republican Party is picking up the pieces after the loose-lipped Kevin McCarthy tells us what most of us already knew: the Benghazi Hearings were yet another attempt to bring down Hillary Clinton.

Over at the NY Times, economist Paul Krugman gets the word out:

So Representative Kevin McCarthy, who was supposed to succeed John Boehner as speaker of the House, won’t be pursuing the job after all. He would have faced a rough ride both winning the post and handling it under the best of circumstances, thanks to the doomsday caucus — the fairly large bloc of Republicans demanding that the party cut off funds to Planned Parenthood, or kill Obamacare, or anyway damage something liberals like, by shutting down the government and forcing it into default.

Still, he finished off his chances by admitting — boasting, actually — that the endless House hearings on Benghazi had nothing to do with national security, that they were all about inflicting political damage on Hillary Clinton.
But we all knew that, didn’t we?

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Here's your chance to help end this racist assault on voting rights!

Martin Luther King, Jr. shaking hands with President Lyndon Johnson at the signing of the Voting Rights Act in 1965. (Wikipedia)

Hey, Katalusis readers, how about this for racism in 2015? Alabama first required voters to present an ID in order to vote; then it closed 31 driver's license offices throughout the state. Now get this: "Every single county where African Americans constitute 75% or more of registered voters had its office closed. EVERY.SINGLE.ONE."

We don't have to put up with this outrageous example of racism and voter suppression. Here's your chance to act - check out this email from the DCCC and sign your name:

***Since we alerted you to Alabama’s outrageous voter suppression effort, you and 25,133 others have taken action! Thanks so much.

Please help us keep the pressure on by forwarding this email to 3 friends and asking them to sign: action.dccc.org/restore-the-voting-rights-act With your help, we’ll reach 100,000 signatures by midnight***

Since the Supreme Court eliminated critical voting rights protections two years ago, state legislatures have passed a torrent of laws designed to make it harder to vote.

But none of them have been quite as insidious as what is happening in Alabama.

Like many states, Alabama recently made voting harder by requiring voters to present an ID at the polls. But then, they went a step further, by closing 31 driver’s license offices throughout the state.

Every single county where African Americans constitute 75% or more of registered voters had its office closed. EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.

This overt voter suppression cannot be allowed to continue. Demand that Congress act now to restore the Voting Rights Act >>

Democrats in Congress have offered a new bill to restore the Voting Rights Act and prevent this kind of attack on our democracy from ever occurring.

In fact, states that repeatedly violate voting rights (Alabama included) would be required to submit any change to voting procedure to the federal government for approval.

Right now the bill has only one Republican co-sponsor. That’s unacceptable.

Tell Republicans in Congress to join Democrats and end the assault on voting rights >>

Friday, October 2, 2015

Go Get 'em, Hillary!

 It's about time someone stood up to the gun supporters in this country. How many more young people and children have to die before our government puts a stop to it? Check out this piece from the First Draft at the NY Times:

Hillary Clinton on N.R.A.’s Hold Over Republicans: ‘It Is Sickening’

Hillary Rodham Clinton campaigning Friday at Broward College in Davie, Fla
.Credit Joe Raedle/Getty Images
DAVIE, Fla. — A day after the deadly shootings in Oregon, Hillary Rodham Clinton used a campaign appearance here on Friday to begin an impassioned attack on the National Rifle Association and Republican members of Congress who she said did the group’s bidding.
“It is sickening to me,” she told a crowd of supporters packed into a gymnasium on the campus of Broward College here. “People should not have to be afraid to go to college like this one, or to a movie theater, or to Bible study. What is wrong with us that we can’t stand up to the N.R.A.?”
Mrs. Clinton’s remarks followed a similarly forceful address Thursday by President Obama, who lamented that mass shootings like the one earlier that day at a community college in Roseburg, Ore. — and the responses to them — have become routine.

“We don’t just need to pray for these people,” Mrs. Clinton said. “We need to act. It’s infuriating: Every time there’s another massacre, the Republicans and the N.R.A. say, ‘It’s not the time to talk about guns.’ Yes, it is. It is time to act, but Republicans continue to refuse to do anything to protect our communities. They put the N.R.A. ahead of American families.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Poachers Strike Again!

Hi Katalusis friends,

Animals have intelligence and feelings; read the email below that just hit my inbox:

GmailVirginia Bergman

Poachers STRIKE again
1 message

BREAKING@saveanimalsfacingextinction.org Tue, Sep 29, 2015 at 1:33 PM
Reply-To: info@saveanimalsfacingextinction.org
To: vbergman422@gmail.com

When we saw this headline Virginia, we knew we had to share this story with you.

Last month, three wild elephants were attacked by poachers with poisoned arrows. Rather than give up, they trekked across the African landscape to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Why? They knew these humans would help. Elephants have incredible spatial reasoning abilities -- meaning they can craft detailed mental maps to help them navigate their territory. Because these elephants were so intelligent, they were able to get to exactly the right place to get treatment and to survive these brutal attacks.

We are so thankful for the DSWT and the intelligent elephants who were able to seek out help and life. But this shouldn’t be happening in the first place Virginia. Poachers are at fault -- and it’s up to us to stop them.
$5 >> $35 >>
$50 >> $100 >>
$250 >> Other >>
These elephants were victim to the ruthless attacks of poachers, all motivated by greed for ivory. It needs to stop.
Thanks for your support,



BREAKING@saveanimalsfacingextinction.org Tue, Sep 29, 2015 at 1:33 PM
Reply-To: info@saveanimalsfacingextinction.org
To: vbergman422@gmail.com

Monday, September 28, 2015

Tell the Tea Party Wing of the GOP to grow up

Tea Party Member
 According to the American people, it's time for Republicans to grow up. Instead of threatening to shut down the government if they don't get their way, we recommend that the Tea Party wing of the GOP take a conflict resolution course and learn how adults handle differences.

The American people are increasingly fed up. From Taylor Marsh:

THE QUINNIPIAC poll released today couldn’t be clearer and neither could the foreshadowing. The Republican right is making an error in judgment on shutting down the government, though Speaker Boehner will likely ruin Senator Ted Cruz‘s party. At our house that means my husband won’t lose work, which matters very much to us, though we’re hardly the only ones paying attention to this issue.

Nearly seven in 10 Americans — 69 percent — oppose shutting down the government over funding for Planned Parenthood, according to the results of a new national Quinnipiac University poll released Monday. But as far as cutting off funding to the group, 52 percent said they would oppose doing so, compared with 41 percent who supported such an action. Women opposed such an action by a wide margin — 60 percent to 34 percent — while men responding to the survey supported an end to federal funding 49 percent to 44 percent. [Politico]

Several of my friends and I signed the petition below from DCCC Action; here's your opportunity to sign on and tell the Republicans to grow up:

Thank you for your support!

DCCC Action

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(202) 863-1500 | www.dccc.org | Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.