Friday, August 9, 2013

Running scared of Hillary 2016

Well, if you didn't notice in the 08 primary that the media favored unflattering photos of Hillary and gravitas-enhancing photos of Barack, you missed out on a key force in the tidal wave that swept the inexperienced, youthful male senator to the nomination.

Ani at The New Agenda sees the same "visual vilification" of Hillary happening today before she has even announced her candidacy in 2016 - in other words the RNC is running scared along with a few on the extreme left. That would be the lefties still dissing Hillary while suffering from Obama's emergence as a centrist and continuing to fantasize about Dennis Kucinich, etc.

Here's Ani:

In the media’s obsession with all things Hillary, no sooner do NBC and CNN announce biopics on the former Secretary of State and presumably, once and future presidential candidate, than the RNC denounces those films as biased infomercials.  Clinton has nothing to do with pushing these projects, of course, but since Republicans are terrified of running against someone with her bona fides and popularity, we can cue the “visual vilification.”  Check out the photographs of Mrs. Clinton and RNC Chair, Reince Priebus, in the FOX News’ article, Republicans open pre-emptive strikes on Clinton, undecided yet formidable in 2016:

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