Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What?!! Grouchy Minneostans?!!

Courtesy of Mpls. Star- Tribune.
So what did you expect me to blog about today, other than the weather? For cripe's sake,  I'm a Minnesotan, and  another snowstorm is on its way to these parts in the next 24 hours. Sir Paul Douglas, our favorite meteorologist in the northland, reports as follows:

Many Minnesotans were already grouchy about last year's abbreviated summer, now this.

Here, let me cheer you up. A Blizzard Warning is posted just south of the Twin Cities Thursday. A plowable snowfall is expected, maybe as much as 2-4" in the metro, with heavier 6"+ amounts east of the St. Croix. An even bigger concern is 25-40 mph winds, capable of blowing/drifting, especially from Mankato and La Crosse to Eau Claire. If you plan on driving south/east of MSP Thursday into early Friday expect treacherous travel.

The Twin Cities metro is in a Winter Storm Warning, but latest guidance still keeps the heaviest snowfall amounts to our east. I suspect travel conditions will get worse as the day goes on tomorrow, with the worst conditions east of St. Paul Thursday night into early Friday.

By the way, I got caught out on the highway the other day in heavy snow. As usual someone was tailgating me on the exit ramp when my car started to slide back and forth. I credit mindfulness meditation for keeping me calm in this situation: I did not panic or over correct. I glanced in my rearview mirror and noted the tailgater had fallen back. My front right tire gained traction on the edge of the ramp, and I straightened my vehicle out. Despite poor visibility, I made it safely home.

Wouldn't you think by now that Minnesotans would know how to drive in poor weather conditions and would forgo the hazardous practice of tailgating a driver on icy pavement?

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