Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Congress finally concerned about the Obama Administration's lethal use of drones

So Congress is waking up to the Obama Administration's human rights violations in continuation of the Bush Administration's love affair with the use of drones for targeted killing in other lands?

2005 Naval Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Air Demo held at the Naval Air Station Patuxent River (public domain).
WASHINGTON -- Uncomfortable with the Obama administration's use of deadly drones, a growing number in Congress are looking to limit America's authority to kill suspected terrorists, even U.S. citizens. The Democratic-led outcry was emboldened by the revelation in a newly surfaced Justice Department memo that shows drones can strike against a wider range of threats, with less evidence, than previously believed.

The drone program, which has been used from Pakistan across the Middle East and into North Africa to find and kill an unknown number of suspected terrorists, is expected to be a top topic of debate when the Senate Intelligence Committee grills John Brennan, the White House's pick for CIA chief, at a hearing Thursday.

White House on the defensive:

The White House on Tuesday defended its lethal drone program by citing the very laws that some in Congress once believed were appropriate in the years immediately after the Sept. 11 attacks but now think may be too broad.

"It has to be in the agenda of this Congress to reconsider the scope of action of drones and use of deadly force by the United States around the world because the original authorization of use of force, I think, is being strained to its limits," Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., said in a recent interview.

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