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Monday, August 11, 2014

Urgent: Save the Arctic Ocean from drilling

Happy Monday morning to all my friends of Katalusis,

We human beings are accountable for protecting the lives of each of the birds, bees, and beasts on this planet. Those birds, bees, and beasts need our protection from the ravages of reckless oil and gas drilling as well as all other humankind assaults on their habitats. And let us never forget that each time a species is destroyed, the quality of life for all of us is diminished.

The email pasted below from Josh Nelson at CREDO provides an opportunity for you to quickly and easily do your part on behalf of our wildlife.

Urgent: Save the Arctic Ocean from drilling
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Josh Nelson, CREDO Action Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 8:24 AM
Reply-To: "Josh Nelson, CREDO Action"
To: Virginia Bergman
CREDO action
Tell the Obama Administration: Stop reckless oil companies from drilling in the Arctic
Submit a public comment telling the Obama administration not to allow any Arctic drilling in its 2017-2022 oil and gas leasing program.
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Dear Virginia,
Right now the Obama administration is deciding whether to allow future oil and gas drilling in the Arctic Ocean.
The administration has a crucial choice to make: It could give the green light to reckless oil drilling companies, like Shell and ConocoPhillips, or it could decide to protect our planet and our precious wildlife like walruses, arctic foxes and arctic seals by keeping the Arctic off limits.
This decision will impact the Arctic Ocean for generations to come, so it’s critical that the administration gets it right and protects the Arctic from dangerous fossil fuel drilling. This crucial public comment period closes this week, so we need to fight back now.
Tell the Obama administration: No Arctic drilling! Submit a public comment now.
The Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the planet, which is already making it difficult for precious birds and marine species to survive. Offshore oil and gas drilling is a bad idea anywhere -- but it’s worse in the Arctic because no proven technology exists to clean up oil spills in icy waters.
Big Oil companies like Shell and ConocoPhillips want to drill every last drop of oil in the Arctic. But Shell has already proven with its mishaps that Arctic drilling is far too risky, and that the company is hopelessly outmatched by the extreme conditions in the Arctic.
Shell and ConocoPhillips are already lobbying the Obama administration behind the scenes. But if thousands of us demand that the administration say no to new leasing for gas and oil, we can provide a powerful counterpoint to their oil-soaked lobbyists.
We only have a few days until this crucial public comment period closes. Please submit your public comment now telling the Obama administration not to allow dangerous oil and gas drilling in the Arctic Ocean.
Tell the Obama administration: No Arctic drilling! Click the link below to submit a public comment:

Thanks for fighting to stop dangerous oil and gas drilling in the Arctic.
Josh Nelson, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets
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