Friday, October 24, 2014

"campaigns controlled by the rich, the secret, the few"

Hillary in Sept. 2014 (Wikipedia).
I'll be voting in the mid-terms - I always vote in national elections, usually for the more liberal candidates who are most often Democrats. This time around, I'm a little - shall we say amused - by the Democratic Party's sudden love affair with Hillary and Bill Clinton. Remember the 2008 primary when the DNC allied itself with the media to trash both Clintons? Six years later, Democrats are ironically turning to the Clintons to salvage the mid-terms for them. And the "power couple" is out there throwing their support to flailing Democratic candidates.

In the meantime, Timothy Egan at the NY Times makes some good points in his column aptly titled, The Disgust Election:

Justice Anthony Kennedy doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy I’d want to share a beer and a brat with, or be stuck next to on a long flight. But I would like for the most influential swing voter on the Supreme Court to step away from his legal aerie, and wade through some of the muck that he and four fellow justices have given us with the 2014 campaign.

How did we lose our democracy? Slowly at first, and then all at once. This fall, voters are more disgusted, more bored and more cynical about the midterm elections than at any time in at least two decades.

It’s so bad that Senator Mitch McConnell is paying people to show up at his rallies and pretend to be excited. There should be plenty of applicants; just 29 percent of the electorate said they were “enthusiastic” about voting this year.

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