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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

An Australian Blogger’s Act of Kindness Toward the Earth

Yesterday, many members of BlogCatalog, a directory of bloggers, responded to an invitation to post about some act of kindness we had performed. I responded with Acts of Kindness Build Community – Online and Elsewhere.

BlogCatalog is providing a listing of participating bloggers and links to their posts. A week before Christmas, it’s a rare treat to read so many accounts of inspiring acts of kindness.

Perhaps because my church group, Groveland Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship in St. Paul, Minn., recently voted to participate in a “green” program titled “Seeds of Mindfulness,” that a post describing an act of kindness toward the planet earth stood out for me.

Suzie Cheel is an Australian whose blog is titled Abundance Highway. In yesterday’s post, she explained: “I have over the past week decided to focus on acts of kindness for the earth. I thought the earth could do with some acts of kindness, so the beauty I enjoy is here for generations to come.”

Suzie’s post reminds us that all of life benefits from any act of kindness toward the earth, and there’s no denying that we human beings exist within nature’s life-sustaining ecological web of relationships.

About Abundance Highway, Suzie writes:

“The mission of the Abundance Highway is to help people achieve financial freedom, making a difference to their lives, which in turn will impact positively on the lives of others and the world. I will achieve this by sharing the successes, setbacks and learnings from my own journey to freedom and abundance, and do this in a way that makes people’s hearts sing and empowers them to live a life without limits.”

To check out Suzie’s blog and read about her act of kindness toward the earth go here.

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