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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Joe Wilson Compares the Hillary He Knows to Obama

In yesterday’s Huffington Post, Joe Wilson compares Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy record to that of Barrack Obama. Quoting the Boston Globe’s endorsement of Obama, Wilson essentially argues that Obama’s “intuition” does not trump Clinton’s track record of hard work, depth of experience, and wisdom.

Wilson concludes:

We know that she {Hillary Clinton} has won and lost but always fought for her beliefs, which are widely shared within the Democratic Party. The battles she had been in have been fierce--and the battles in the future will be no less intense--and she has proven her steadfastness and is still standing. She does not have a cowardly record of voting "present" when confronted with difficult issues. She does not claim "intuition" as the basis of the most dangerous and serious decision-making. What she has is deep and vital experience, more important than ever in restoring our country's place in the world.

For Wilson’s complete article, go here.

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