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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wading Through the Sleaze in the Media’s Coverage of the 2008 Campaign

Eric Boehlert’s column today in MediaMatters.org again calls the press to account for unethical practices that put leading news outlets in the MSM and the blogosphere in the same league as supermarket tabloids, especially in their coverage of the 2008 campaign.

Boehlert writes:

He might be the former president of the United States, but when Bill Clinton dared critique the press for the vacuous way it covers campaigns, he got smacked down by the media elites who unleashed their contempt and, fittingly, misstated what Clinton had said.

Such is the state of affairs where, as Clinton noted, campaign issues have faded so far in the rearview mirror for the press that they've dipped below the horizon. What's worse is not only has the press shifted into hyper-horserace mode where tactics reign, but lots of media players can't even do the horserace stuff right. Bloomberg's Al Hunt displayed that nicely with a recent tactics-only campaign column where he mangled a key fact in order to prop up his favorite narrative.
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