Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Should we fear Facebook, Google, and Amazon fleets of drones?

The Reaper drone.
Over at the NY Times, Maureen Dowd's concerns about behemoths Facebook, Google, and Amazon patrolling the skies over our heads with fleets of drones are valid IMO. Referring to a proposed movie script addressing the issue of drones making pilots obsolete, Dowd writes:

But the producer is missing a more original twist. Instead of unmanned planes controlled by terrorists, the drones could be an army of angry birds amassed by our computer overlords, Google, Facebook and Amazon. Every time one of the tech giants reveals it is venturing into the drone business, the rationale is presented purely as smart business, a benign and even benevolent expansion.

Amazon will be able to drop packages right on your lawn, or even your head. With fleets of solar-powered jet drones, Google and Facebook would be able to expand their customer bases by offering online access to poor and remote areas of the world devoid of telephone wires or cellphone towers.

Read Dowd's entire column here.

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