Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hey, tomorrow is National Storytelling Day!

May 1970, Danny Thomas and daughter Marlo
Thanks to my Appalalchian heritage with its emphasis on the art of storytelling, I'm naturally indebted to Marlo Thomas for alerting her followers that National Storytelling Day is tomorrow, Sunday, April 27, 2014. Here's Marlo:

Storytelling is one of our oldest art forms, and oldest urges, dating back to the Stone Age, when the ancients told their stories by carving them on the walls of their dwellings. Millions of years later, native Indians would carry on the tradition, gathering in a circle around a fire, while their tribal leader told them a tale to end their weary day.

 Storytelling is how we learn our history. It's how we trace our families. How we pass on our religions. And, of course, it's how we share our lives with each other. Because life -- with its ever-rotating cast of characters and unexpected plot twists -- is really just one long and colorful story, isn't it?

On Sunday, we celebrate another National Tell a Story Day, an informal but delightful holiday whose sole purpose is pretty simple: for people around the country to gather -- whether in a living room or a library -- and engage one another other with some fabulous tale. It doesn't matter if the story is real-life or fiction, folk lore or tall tale, or comes from a book, a memory or that special place in our brains where the imagination takes charge. All that matters is that you've got a story to tell -- and that you tell it. 

See a storytelling video and  Read more here:

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