Wednesday, December 24, 2014

"After the words, the music, and the gathering..."

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Last Saturday’s meeting with my mindfulness meditation group was definitely a highlight of this holiday season for me, so I thought I’d share a little of our agenda with you today.

We began by reciting together our opening prayer:

Revised Loving Kindness Prayer (in unison)

May we release all burdens of guilt, shame, fear, and loss that no longer serve us and needless fear and anxiety about the future;
May we be free from suffering;
May we be filled with loving kindness;
May we forgive those who have trespassed against us; and may those we’ve trespassed against forgive us;
May we be protected from all internal and external harm;
May we be as healthy and whole as possible;
May we make the most of our talents and resources on behalf of ourselves and the common good;
May we enjoy both spiritual and material well-being.
May we be centered, peaceful, and at ease;
May we be happy.

We enjoyed a time of silent meditation before discussing our reading for this session: A Mindful Christmas, by James Sweetman. As usual, we enjoyed a time of openness and genuine sharing among participants. If you’ve noticed what a rarity good conversation has become these days, you should attend one of our upcoming sessions. For more information, contact me at

We closed by reciting together this quotation by Max Coots:

"After the words, a quiet; after the songs, a silence; after the crowd only the memory recalls the gathering. Peace and justice have need of you after the words, the music, and the gathering. God grant you the depth for dedication to justice. God grant you the will to be an apostle of peace."

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