Sunday, July 26, 2015

The New York Times' bigoted coverage of anything Hillary

The claim by Peter Daou and Tom Watson that the NY Times has a Hillary Clinton problem is not news to me; I've been aware of the bigoted Times coverage of anything Hillary for years. Still, I'm grateful to Daou and Watson for shouting it from the rooftop at  #HillaryMen:

We love the New York Times. As New Yorkers, it’s part of our lives. We both know great journalists there. The Times is an institution that would leave New York and the country culturally poorer for its disappearance. In the 90s, Tom was a Times columnist on media and technology. Even earlier as a young political reporter in the Bronx, he did some stringing for the city’s paper of record. We respect the paper’s history and place in both the city and the world.

But the New York Times has a very serious Hillary Clinton problem. Through the shoddy, over-reaching work of a handful of its many talented reporters and the bad choices of a few editors, the paper seems to be actively running a campaign to prevent the election of the first woman president of the United States.

After running a story that initially - and falsely - described Hillary as the target of a federal criminal probe related to her emails, then having to retract a good portion of it, it’s not hard for readers to conclude that the New York Times opposes Hillary as a matter of policy.
Think Progress breaks down the events:

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