Friday, July 24, 2015

So we don't need more effective gun control laws?

An email landed in my inbox from Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly as they continue their push for adequate gun control laws in the U.S., even as the lead article at today's Huffington Post reports, "Gunman opens fire in Louisiana movie theater:  kills 2, then himself, nine wounded."

First read what Gabby and Mark have to say and then check out that article at Huffpo:

Virginia -

In life and in work, the greatest successes are almost always the product of a series of small steps.

We've found that to be true of Gabby's recovery, and in our work to fix our gun laws.

There are setbacks -- some minor, some almost impossible to bear. And there are victories -- some that go largely unnoticed, and others that feel transformational. Each require us to resist complacency and recommit ourselves to keep moving forward.

It's easy to look at our federal gun laws and say nothing has changed since Sandy Hook. But we can assure you, if you look at our work and the way the ground is shifting in states across the country, we're getting closer ... much closer.

We'll get there, but only if you stay in this fight.

Virginia - stick with us on the path to progress. Make a $3 contribution to Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC today.

Last night, there was another mass shooting in Louisiana. We wish we could say what happened in Lafayette is unthinkable, but it is not.

There will be calls, of course, that now is not the time to talk about how to prevent these tragedies from happening in the future. We believe that's the wrong idea, and that with the increasing frequency of these events, now is precisely the time for that conversation.

We're committed to leading that effort.

Gabby Giffords & Mark Kelly
Americans for Responsible Solutions 

Gabby and Mark may be overly optimistic about the nation's progress on gun control, but the Louisiana shooting should at the least motivate us to keep moving forward:

Lafayette Shooter Exhibited Violent Tendencies, Radical Views

The wife and other family members of the Louisiana theater gunman asked for a temporary protective order in 2008 against the man.

Court documents seeking the order said John Houser "exhibited extreme erratic behavior and has made ominous as well as disturbing statements."

The documents said even though Houser lived in Phenix City, Alabama, he had come to Carroll County, Georgia, where he lived and "perpetrated various acts of family violence."

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