Thursday, August 6, 2015

What does it cost to make the corporate world behave?

Photo credit: USGS
Fun Fact: Walrus, at home in the Arctic Ocean, use their tusks to break through ice and climb out of water onto the ice. They also use their tusks to defend themselves from larger predators and to determine social hierarchies.
Dear Katalusis readers, are you as shocked as I am by the time, effort, and money required to stop corporations like Shell Oil from despoiling America's natural resources?

Read this email message that just hit my inbox this afternoon and share the disgust I feel with corporate America's focus on profits at whatever the cost to our environment:

Dear Virginia,

Our fight to protect the Arctic Ocean has been incredibly intense in the last month. What started out as a plan to rally citizens in five cities became a nationwide Day of Action against Shell on July 18 that spanned the country from Washington, DC to Juneau, Alaska. Thanks everyone who participated or submitted a photo of your own protest! See a collection of photos here.

While we’re incredibly frustrated that Shell has begun drilling their first well, we’re hearing ShellNo from celebrities and elected officials like Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR). Our Twitterstorm lit up the Internet with ShellNo protests last week while Shell’s team repaired a hull gash in the icebreaker it needs to drill for oil.

And, thank you for your generosity! We met our emergency $5,000 matching grant and the $1,500 extension, which we’ll put to work right away to keep up our fight.

Wildly yours,

Hilary Stamper (That's me, left!)
New Media Director

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