Friday, January 8, 2016

Have faith, Minnesotans: spring will come once again!

Spring in St. Paul, MN (V. Bergman).
Winter in St. Paul, MN (V. Bergman).
A couple of days ago I posted An Ode to Winter here at Katalusis. Later on, as I browsed through my online photo files, I was reminded that even in Minnesota spring eventually shows up: leaves appear on trees, and grass turns green.

Summer may seem just a moment in time up here in the northland, but gardens do mature and in the fall, ears of corn ripen in the fields of local farmers. 

We celebrate Labor Day just before that orange school bus appears around the corner to pick up students reluctantly concluding their all too brief hiatus from the classroom.

But for now, we eagerly anticipate the groundhog's promise on February 2nd that if the critter sees its shadow, spring is just around the corner. Even the most cynical among us, tend to ignore the groundhog's disclaimer: "Hey, I'm a furry rodent not a weather forecaster."
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

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