Saturday, January 9, 2016

The courage to brave 6.6 degree temps on a gray January day

The gazebo in our side yard. V. Bergman.
What else can you write about besides the weather on a gray January day in Minnesota? In yesterday's post, I assured my fellow Minnesotans that spring would come once again, right? So I checked the weather this morning at Weather Underground and noting the 6.6 degree temp in St. Paul, I no longer felt so sure that even here in Minnesota April showers bring May flowers:

My plans for today included an outing at my favorite library that features an indoor park and a nice coffee shop. A nearby fireplace takes the chill off after the walk from the parking lot and the skylight affords a lovely sense of spaciousness to the visitor sipping coffee and paging through an inviting novel.

Now if only I can brave the 6.6 degree temp. Well, I do have that long winter coat...

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