Saturday, October 20, 2018

An Inspiring To Do List?

After I conclude my morning ritual, which usually includes reading a few pages of spiritual literature, writing in my journal, meditating for half an hour or so, and enjoying breakfast, I normally make a to do list for the rest of the day that covers household chores, necessary shopping, and occasionally helping out a friend or neighbor.

Mind you, my to do lists are not that inspiring, but as noted above, I do find time for daily prayer and meditation as well as practical items, e.g., helping a friend or neighbor, cleaning out the refrigerator, or gettng the car washed. Recently, I did, however, find an inspiring to do list over at It went something like this:

  1. Count my blessings;
  2. Let go of what I can't control;
  3. Practice kindness;
  4. Listen to my heart;
  5. Be productive, yet calm;
  6. Just breathe;
  7. Meditate.

Number 5: Be productive, yet calm, leapt out at me. When I have a major task to accomplish, for example, my income tax, I often have an anxiety attack before I'm finished – I do get back to it in time, mind you, but it's kind of frustrating to have to work through that emotional distress first.

I'm finding it helps to do Numbers 6 and 7 first: breathe and meditate. That way I kind of ease into the latest project without getting all worked up over it. And I get it done in good time. Besides, it's usually of better quality than work I've completed during one of those anxiety attacks.

I might add that in addition to breathing and meditating, I often take a walk to help me relax.

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