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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Here’s To A National Renaissance Of The Arts And Humanities

In today’s HuffingtonPost, the item titled Imagining American Leadership by C. L. Max Nikias relates so well to a couple of my recent posts on the importance of an educated citizenry in a democracy and the necessity of the imagination to our well being that I urge you to read the Nikias piece in its entirety.

Nikias begins:

“Our presidential candidates could use a little more imagination. In fact, imagination is the very trait that our nation would do well to hoard in coming decades.

“Would-be presidents have offered various education-related formulas for continued American competitiveness. This involves such good-faith efforts as increased support for K-12 education or improved access to community colleges.

“But a more strategic vision would involve two priorities: First, we require a greater commitment to the American research enterprise than Congress has displayed of late. Second, we require a national renaissance of the arts and humanities, so that American imagination can continue to fuel American innovation.”

Nikias concludes:

“This should remind politicians, pundits and ordinary citizens that an American college diploma should represent far more than a job credential confirming that a few years were spent in a classroom; it should represent a uniquely transforming experience of lasting benefit to both student and society. It just takes a little imagination.”

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