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Friday, November 2, 2007

Our Sick Society

Speaking of the political party of shriveled hearts, Susan Thistlethwaite, president of Chicago Theological Seminary, has some strong words in today’s Washington Post for President Bush and his followers who continue to deny healthcare coverage to our nation’s children.

A blogger for On Faith, Thistlethwaite’s post is titled Only a Sick Society Plays Politics with Children's Health, and she concludes:

We have the money to pay for health care insurance for every child in America and instead we are choosing to spend it on making war and still more war. That is truly sick, morally sick, perhaps even fatally sick because when you can see the suffering of so many children without access to adequate medical care and do nothing, you are lost.

It appears the moral sickness will continue indefinitely as the Senate just set up another likely veto from President Bush by again passing health insurance legislation to cover an additional four million lower-income children. Sad to say, the vote fell three short of the two-thirds majority needed to override Bush’s veto.

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