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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Draft Sarah Meet Up Held in West Haven, CT to Discuss the 2012 Election

Whatever the blogosphere’s overall sentiments regarding Sarah Palin she still escalates the numbers of page views on sites like the Huffington Post where her detractors continue to gather in swarms to indulge their sexist and misogynist traits.

But never mind. Lately, the popular governor of Alaska has gotten good press from several fair-minded progressive blogs (Stray Yellar Dog, Heidi Li’s Potpourri, etc.) for appointing pro-choice Morgan Christen to become only the second female supreme court judge in the state of Alaska.

And get this - the New Haven Register’s Abbe Smith reports today:

WEST HAVEN — If you ask Paul Streitz, it’s never too early to start planning for the future, especially if your hope for the future is to see Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin run for president — and win — in 2012.

So, over coffee, pie and burgers at Denny’s restaurant on Sawmill Road Tuesday night, Streitz held the first community "Sarah meet-up" for supporters of the former Republican vice presidential candidate to get together and talk about the future.

Never mind the fact that newly elected President Barack Obama has only been in office for 1½ months and the Republican Party is still picking up the pieces after its presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., lost in November.

"There is no ‘start time’ for an election. After November, I said, ‘Let’s get going on this,’" Streitz said.

And he did. Just weeks after the election, Streitz, who lives in Darien and is co-director of Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control, co-founded the first federally registered committee with the goal of raising money to draft Palin for president in 2012. So far, the committee has collected about $3,000.

The 2012 Draft Sarah Committee is based in Colorado Springs, Colo., where the group’s other founder, David Kelly, lives, and officially filed paperwork Nov. 20 with the Federal Election Commission. The goal of the "meet-ups" is to provide a chance for like-minded people who want Palin to run in 2012 to get together and chat.

"Her values resonate with the American public," Streitz said Tuesday while fumbling through his bag looking for a "Vote Sarah Palin 2012" sticker for the newest arrival to the group.

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  1. I had a delightful breakfast with Laura Van Wormer when I was in Meriden CT this past weekend. She informed me that the first "Team Sarah 2012" meeting in Meriden (much smaller than the "West Haven. New Haven/ South Haven" metropolis had 55 attendees. She was one of them.

    For all it's progressive leanings... CT seems to love Sarah Palin. I guess we should not be surprised, really... considering that they also love them some Joe Leiberman.

    Every time I go to CT I feel more at home amongst the social liberals who are also rock solid fiscal and defense conservatives. Retirement to CT looks more appealing every day.

  2. As for the Palin Supreme Court pick...

    I am still waiting for the apologies to start flowing:


  3. Good morning, SYD. So good to hear from you! and thanks for the update on Meriden, CT's turnout for Sarah!

  4. As I reported on my blog, there was some positive reporting on the Christen appointment. In the comment section of the ADN, people were saying things like "this is the first thing she's done I like."

    It's never too early to start planning...I'm a huge Sarah Palin fan and I will do everything I can to support her. I will always give her positive press on my blog..actually I've been writing about her alot lately, so I thought I should change topics, but I am hearting she is going to start doing some trips to the lower 48..you go Sarah!

  5. Hi Puma for Life,

    Thanks for checking in. It's interesting how things are going for Sarah. She still energizes people.