Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Obama’s Economy Speech at Georgetown University (video)

President Obama went into more detail than usual in his lengthy speech on the economy this morning, embellishing his comments with the biblical parable comparing the man who built his house on the sand to the one who built his house on the rock. To keep America safe in the storms ahead, the president encouraged Americans to follow his leadership in building a new economy on a rock-solid foundation. Nobel laureate Paul Krugman and other respected enconomists might take issue with the president’s claims about the stability of that proposed foundation, but here’s the video of the president’s speech. Listen, make up your own mind, and post a comment.

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  1. In this parable Jesus is not talking about choosing the correct economic or political system to use, although Obama seems to be equating his ideas, or himself with what is correct. Our Rock to build on is God. Obama is standing where he ought nought.