Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Speaking Out on Behalf of a Presidential Commission on Women

I just signed a petition from WomenCount urging Congress to support legislation creating a presidential commission on women that will bring together the best thinkers from all backgrounds, sectors, and political parties to impact the future of women in our nation.

In the petition’s comment box, I wrote:

The election of Barack Obama as president in 2008 demonstrated that America has come a long way in overcoming racism. However, the shadow side of the 2008 election was this: through the abuse that Hillary Clinton endured during the Democratic primary, America told the rest of the world that the oppression of women is acceptable. It will take years for our nation to live down the shamefulness of the sexism and misogyny that surfaced in our media and among our political leaders. And who knows what horrific treatment women will continue to experience in other countries due to our example.

If you’d like to learn more about the petition and sign it yourself, go here.

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