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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Arianna Huffington favorably cites a Clinton??!

Arianna Huffington’s post titled “Arizona Shootings: Our Moment of Silence Needs to Be Followed by More Than Just Lowered Voices” would be more credible if one didn’t recall the viciousness of her blog’s attacks on Hillary Clinton during and after the 08 primary, not to mention the denigration of Bill Clinton and his administration.

The Huffington Post egregiously amplified every insane charge from the Left targeting Hillary, including repeated slanderous accusations of racism. Huffpo, the vanguard of the Left, also eagerly published posts suggesting that the first viable woman presidential candidate in American history hoped for the assassination of Barack Obama, her leading opponent in the Democratic primary.

Needless to say, Arianna and company went on the attack again when Hillary was appointed secretary of state.

One can only hope that Arianna’s words in today’s post are sincere:

This is not a call for passionate debate to come to a halt. But there is a huge difference between passionately disagreeing with your opponents and crudely demonizing them, between considering them as adversaries to be engaged and treating them as enemies to be targeted.

In a remarkable turnaround from 08, Arianna encourages President Obama to follow in the footsteps of former President Clinton:

In the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing, President Clinton made a number of impassioned calls for taking a stand against reckless speech and behavior. "When there is talk of hatred," he said at a prayer service four days after the attack, "let us stand up and talk against it. When there is talk of violence, let us stand up and talk against it. In the face of death, let us honor life. As St. Paul admonished us, Let us 'not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.'"

I'd love to see President Obama use this moment to call on the country to find ways to "overcome evil with good." Americans, he said in a 2006 speech, "want a sense of purpose, a narrative arc to their lives." That purpose should be found in the shared national objective of rebuilding our communities and our connection to each other through everyday acts of compassion, generosity, and service.

I believe it’s possible for human beings to wake up and acknowledge their own culpability in the perpetuation of evil in society. Here’s hoping for the redemption of Arianna and the Huffington Post.


  1. for more information on how Arianna Huffington and the Huffington Post have harassed Hillary Clinton for having the audacity to oppose Barack Obama in the 08 Democratic primary, go here: http://alessandromachi.blogspot.com/search?q=Huffington+Post

  2. Wow! I've known of people who had delusions of grandeur, but Arianna apparently suffers from delusions of decency. lol. Thanks for calling her out on her newly adopted and very convenient (not to mention hypocritical) advocacy of kinder, gentler commentary. After her treatment of HRC in 2008, she has the audacity to call for people to engage in less vicious, inflammatory rhetoric? Pot meet kettle.


  3. Hi freespirit,

    So true. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I don't blame you for being skeptical, SYD!