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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Order online your own Glock handgun – the kind used in the AZ shooting

Order your own Glock handgun at proguns.com
Full disclosure:  I admit to a bias against guns. At the age of 18, shortly before she would have graduated from high school, my younger sister accidentally blew her shoulder off with my father’s shotgun. Home alone that day, she lay there on the floor and bled to death.

In the aftermath of the Arizona shooting, Nick Kristoff in the NY Times asks, Why Not Regulate Guns as Seriously as Toys? Please keep in mind that you can order your own Glock gun online at proguns.com; that’s the kind used in the AZ shooting.  

Kristoff writes:

Jared Loughner was considered too mentally unstable to attend community college. He was rejected by the Army. Yet buy a Glock handgun and a 33-round magazine? No problem.

To protect the public, we regulate cars and toys, medicines and mutual funds. So, simply as a public health matter, shouldn’t we take steps to reduce the toll from our domestic arms industry?

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