Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Super Tuesday results: Romney wins my home state of Ohio

Update: Wed. a.m.: I confess I didn't lie awake last night anxious to hear the results of the GOP primary on Super Tuesday. And I was pleasantly surprised this morning to see that Romney won in my home state of Ohio. I had feared Ohio would go all out to embrace the ultraconservative Santorum.  I was disappointed, though, to learn of the defeat of  Rep. Dennis Kucinich in Ohio's newly created ninth district. Kuncinich lost to Democrat Mary Kaptur.

In addition to Ohio, Romney's wins also included Va., Mass., Idaho,Vt., and Alaska.

Update: Santorum adds North Dakota to his column. Ohio remains too close to call. Brian Williams at NBC said we won't know the winner in the Buckeye State until 6 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Santorum wins Oklahoma and Tennessee;

Romney wins Mass., Vermont, and Virginia.

Gingrich wins his home state of Georgia.

So far Santorum is leading Romney in Ohio 38.7% to 36%.

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