Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Republicans to filibuster Cordray's nomination to head Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

President Obama flanked by Sen. Warren and Richard Cordray. (wikipedia)

Just got this email from Elizabeth Warren. Let’s help her get Rich Cordray nominated to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that she founded.


We fought to create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to keep credit card issuers, mortgage lenders, and student loan marketers from cheating people.

We fought the big banks and their army of lobbyists. We fought hard, and we won.

But some Republicans and lobbyists are still fighting this agency. They have thrown up a filibuster to stop Rich Cordray's nomination to head the consumer agency. They think a filibuster can shut down the agency and protect the big banks from any meaningful consumer protection rules.

Rich Cordray is up for a vote this week, and I need you to fight harder than you've ever fought before if we're going to defeat this filibuster.

Outside the halls of this Congress and the fancy lobbyist offices across Washington, no one wants more fine print and more tricks and traps.

No one thinks it's ok to cheat regular people and cut special deals for giant banks.

And no one wants to take the cops off the beat so big banks can break the rules without being held accountable.

I'm new to the Senate, but I don't understand why we accept a system where this kind of political stalemate won't end in more government or less government, but just in bad government.

And I don't understand why we would let an honorable public servant like Rich Cordray get stuck in this nonsense. I don't understand why, when everyone says Rich has been a fair and effective leader, that he can't get a vote on his appointment.

By speaking out and working together, we got a strong consumer agency. Now with your help, we'll do the same to finally give that agency a director.  Sign up now to say enough is enough.

Let me be clear to those who think this filibuster will shut down the work of the new agency: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the law and it is here to stay.

Do your dirtiest with obstructing the confirmation of the director, but the agency will keep on doing what it does best -- fighting for people.

Thank you for being a part of this,



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