Thursday, April 23, 2015

The GOP - "The Party of the Rich" - attacks the Clintons for being well off

Is the GOP jealous of the Clintons? Is that why “the Party of the Rich” in the US of A keeps trying to shame Bill and Hillary Clinton for being well off and for having established a successful charitable foundation over the years that has benefited thousands around the globe? (See Peter Schweitzer.)

I mean, what else could be the motive? Oh, I get it. The Repubs haven't been able to seriously damage the Clintons with any of their previously contrived scandals. What's a scandalmonger to do, especially since Hillary is the frontrunner for the Dems in 2016?

And now the word is out, and we all know what an outstanding secretary of state Hillary Clinton was: 1) Following W's administration, she patched up the nation's tattered relationships with most other nations; 2) She laid the foundation for the Iran Nuclear Treaty, which until the truth surfaced, Obama was given credit for finally earning his Nobel prize; 3) She spoke out for women and girls wherever she traveled during her tenure; 4) and more.

Darn! What's the Party of the Rich to do with a candidate like Hillary? Here's a suggestion: smarten up and start working on behalf of the people who elected you instead of the one percent - like the Koch Brothers - whose feet you kiss every morning, noon, and night.


  1. One of the most obtuse attacks against the Clintons since the Cheating 12 went after Mr. Clinton.