Monday, March 9, 2015

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell zaps email "scandal"

Secretary of State Clinton (
Colin Powell, 2005 (Wikipedia)
D.K. Jamaal has the story:

Former Sec. of State Colin Powell, a Bush administration Republican and former Republican presidential hopeful, all but destroyed the Hillary Clinton private email "scandal" today, telling ABC's This Week that not only did he too use private email because State Department systems were so outdated, unlike Hillary Clinton who turned over 55,000+ pages of her emails, Powell retained and turned over none of his emails:

 STEPHANOPOULOS: But I do want to ask you one final question on this Hillary Clinton e-mail controversy..You were one of the first secretaries, I believe, to set up a personal e-mail account. And you pushed to modernize the State Department’s system. Based on your experience, what do you make of these revelations this week and what would you recommend that she do now?
POWELL: I can’t speak to Mrs. Clinton and what she should do now. That would be inappropriate...What I did when I entered the State Department, I found an antiquated system that had to be modernized and modernized quickly. So we put in place new systems, bought 44,000 computers and put a new Internet capable computer on every single desk in every embassy, every office in the State Department. And then I connected it with software. But in order to change the culture, to change the brainware, as I call it, I started using it in order to get everybody to use it, so we could be a 21st century institution and not a 19th century. But I retained none of those e-mails and we are working with the State Department to see if there’s anything else they want to discuss with me about those e-mails.
STEPHANOPOULOS: So they’ve asked you to turn them over, but you don’t have them, is that it?
 POWELL: I don’t have any — I don’t have any to turn over. I did not keep a cache of them. I did not print them off. I do not have thousands of pages somewhere in my personal files.

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