Thursday, May 21, 2015

Here come the Clintons

Bill and Hillary, courtesy of ABC News.
It's so refreshing to read an article that highlights the many gifts and talents of Bill and Hillary Clinton, plus the broad expanse of their combined experience in public service. Brent Budowsky's piece at the Hill reminds voters of what Bill and Hillary brought to the Oval Office during Bill's Administration and the potential benefits the nation will receive with Hillary at the helm and Bill at her side in 2016:

My theory about how Democrats can win a big victory in the 2016 presidential campaign has long been based on the following.

The most popular American president in many decades is John F. Kennedy. The most popular living former president is Bill Clinton. The most popular public figure in America and the world is Pope Francis. The probability and magnitude of a Democratic victory in 2016 is in direct proportion to the degree that the Democratic nominee, who may well be the first woman president, as Kennedy was the first Catholic president, embodies the spirit of these three historic men.

Far beyond what is reported in heavy-breathing commentaries of the latest news cycle, the most popular living former president is Hillary Clinton’s secret weapon in Campaign 2016.

The magic of Bill Clinton, the vast public appeal he continues to enjoy from the American people — which will not be affected a whit by hyperpartisan hearings of the Republican House Benghazi Committee of inquisition — is an incalculable and indescribable asset to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

I often refer to the highly successful and fondly remembered Bill Clinton presidency because it is true and important to understanding the dynamics of the 2016 campaign.

What is historically accurate, and what voters understand, is that the role of Hillary Clinton during the Bill Clinton presidency was integral to the very qualities that made it so successful.

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  1. Hi Virginia It's a lovely piece about the Clintons but have you spent any time reading the comments? The hate that is directed at them is so....disheartening for me. At times I wonder how I'm going to make it through these next 18 months. Thanks for sharing this article.

  2. Hi Ms. Becky,

    So good to hear from you. I usually scan the first few comments after a piece on the Clintons, but I keep in mind that the haters say more about themselves than anyone else.