Saturday, December 5, 2015

Get used to it: Commander in Chief Hillary Clinton

The latest CNN poll shows Hillary Clinton way out in front of Bernie Sanders, the current darling of the Democratic Party's left wing. She could wrap up the Democratic nomination this time unless the lefties decide to sabotage her as they did in 2008 when they opted instead for the young, inexperienced male candidate, Barack Obama.

From the looks of things lately, though, it seems the American people have matured a bit and learned the importance of foreign policy expertise in a volatile world. From her years of public service, as well as her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has extensive, in-depth foreign policy experience; Sanders has none.

Here's the latest word from CNN:

(CNN)In a Democratic field that has winnowed to just three candidates, Hillary Clinton has regained a dominant lead over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, topping him by a 28-point margin, her widest in CNN/ORC polling since July. 

Clinton leads Sanders 58% to 30%, with former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley registering just 2%, according to a CNN/ORC Poll released Friday.

The poll finds Clinton widely seen as better able to handle matters of foreign policy than Sanders, an advantage that has likely helped the former secretary of state as global affairs and national security have gained prominence in the presidential campaign. Broad majorities of Democratic voters report that they trust Clinton most on foreign policy (74%) and handling ISIS (59%), and as best able to handle the responsibilities that come with being commander-in-chief (64%).

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