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Monday, January 19, 2009

Emily’s List Celebration: Hillary Releases Her Inner Feminist

(emphasis mine)

‘Tis the night before the changing of the guard in Washington, but Rebecca Traister over at Salon reports on Hillary Clinton’s appearance at the Emily’s List gala Sunday afternoon and the word is: “Hillary is back!”

Traister, who is one feisty writer, tells us:

“Yet thanks to to Ellen Malcolm (perhaps the political world's most cheerful ball-buster), a roster of 2008's biggest lady winners and a rousing speech by Hillary Clinton herself, the luncheon turned out to be a feel-good celebration. And even without much mention of the failed presidential march of the still-senator from New York, the event was yet another in a string of recent moments in which we got to see the new Hillary Rodham Clinton: Toughened, burnished and somehow fortified by her loss, she is taking on the role not only of secretary of state, but of a reanimated, reborn, rollicking feminist superhero.”

Traister continues:

‘“Introducing her very late guest, Malcolm called Clinton "an exceptional figure in American life," a "powerful role model for women for our country and for the world." And what's remarkable about that praise is that here in 2009, it is absolutely true. Hillary Clinton, who was a sore spot for so many feminists for so long, even through her presidential campaign, has made a glorious phoenix flight out of her failed presidential campaign.

A glorious phoenix flight out of her failed presidential campaign, indeed:

Traister concludes:

“This was the woman who had long refused to take her husband's married name, who had made ungainly but honest comments about not staying home and baking cookies -- but now, all (or most) of the disjointed ugly-duckling of the past was gone. This is a woman who knew she had just made history, that she had a crowd eating out of her hands, a woman who has finally come into herself in a blaze of popular, political feminist glory. And sure, it was a perfect crowd, but a lot of this was stuff she'd said to the whole country just last week.

‘“Speaking of the criticism she received from Taliban leaders for speaking out on behalf of women in Afghanistan in the '90s, Clinton said pointedly, "I wear that, along with much of the rest of the criticism I've received, as a badge of honor." And so, with a happy crowd of cheering people, Clinton said, "I am absolutely thrilled to stand with you in the fights we have waged together. We've won some and we've lost some."

“And some of the losses are looking more like wins every day.”

No question about it. On the eve of Obama’s inauguration, Hillary Clinton is a winner big-time!


  1. Well, watching yesterday's festivities was a big step for me ~ I watched our new President! Truth be told, I watched initially to see Hillary and Bill. My feathers were ruffled at the outset: Brit Hume was once again unable to contain his disdain for our 42nd President. This as President and Hillary Clinton were making their way to their seats ~ "Whenever I see him it looks as though he can't quite figure out what his facial expression should be for the occasion." The other commentators remained silent. The remark was so extraordinarily out of place and rude. I found myself wishing, as I watched the events unfolding, that President Clinton and Hillary would have received the same introduction to Washington as the Obamas. Can you imagine if they had? Had the media left them alone to do their good works, consider what a wonderful 8 years that would have been, w/o all of the unnecessary sidetracks which were created by their enemies, and abetted by the media. Oh well. Life isn't fair, and though I do wish the First Family well, I still find myself longing for a fairer shake for people who also deserve some goodwill and applause ~ President and Hillary Clinton.
    As I watched the Obamas, the few expressions of authenticity and genuine glee were demonstrated by the daughters. President Obama's smiles and laughs seemed timed and planted for photos and Michelle herself seemed uncomfortable and unsure. I remember watching President Clinton at his first Inaugural parade. His face was so joyful as he was so obviously entertained by the parade. He knew so many of the participants. I got the impression that the Obamas were far removed from the events taking place. I did like Michelle Obama's gown though...

  2. Hi Becky,

    I shared your feelings yesterday as I watched the events unfold. Did you read Heidi Li's post titled "For those in pain because today is not the day Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes President of the United States?"

    Heidi's words gave me a lift. Here's the link: