Saturday, December 26, 2015

Post debate, Hillary's lead broadens

AP photo via USA Today.
The Dem's ultra Lefties got the rug pulled out from them again with the latest CNN poll numbers showing Hillary's lead over Sanders broadening. So far, so good, if like me, you're concerned the DNC might try to sabotage HRC again in their efforts to nominate Sanders, this year's darling of the Left. Reminder to the Dem's ultra Lefties: Obama lunged to the right the minute you ordained him as the 08 nominee.

About that latest poll, CNN reports:

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Washington (CNN)

Hillary Clinton maintains a commanding lead in a new CNN/ORC poll, boosted by broader support in the days after the latest debate between the remaining three Democratic presidential candidates.
Overall, Clinton tops Sanders among registered voters who are Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents 50% to 34%. That's a slightly tighter margin than in late-November, when Clinton led 58% to 30% over Sanders.

But those overall results mask a shift back toward Clinton following the Democratic debate on Saturday night. In interviews conducted before the debate, Sanders ran closer to Clinton, with 37% support to Clinton's 45%. Among those interviewed after the debate, Clinton's lead grew to 60% vs. Sanders' 27%.

The Sanders campaign focuses heavily on economic issues, and the new poll suggests he has boosted his standing on that issue. Yet Sanders continues to trail Clinton as the candidate better able to handle economic issues, 47% say they think Clinton is best able to handle it, 39% Sanders.
The former secretary of state has even larger leads on foreign policy matters and ISIS, however, topping Sanders 72% to 15% on foreign policy, 63% to 18% on ISIS. Clinton also holds a 21-point advantage over Sanders on handling gun policy, 51% prefer Clinton vs. 30% Sanders. 


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