Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Bernie's alliance with the Tea Party

Say what??!!
Can't help it. I'm always a little skeptical of self-proclaimed saints, especially the political variety, e.g., Bernie Sanders. My skepticism has been warranted more than once so far during the 2016 Democratic primary. You know the primary, I mean. It's the one that Bernie qualified for when he suddenly decided it was in his best interest to join the Democratic Party: he needed its backing for his presidential run. Yet Bernie, the newest Democratic leader (?) on the block, continues to boast of his superior ethics while aggressively joining the Tea Party's efforts to label Hillary as corrupt.

Peter Daou's article in the Blue Nation Review reveals just who is corrupt, and it's not Hillary:

The corporate media are busy doing the Sanders campaign’s heavy lifting by trumpeting his desperate call for Hillary Clinton to release speech transcripts, an evidence-free insinuation of corruption that should be beneath Bernie.

And it is dismaying that Bernie’s positive message of 2015 has devolved into a relentless assault on Hillary’s integrity, using innuendo and guilt-by-association to tarnish her image and damage her for the general election should she be the Democratic nominee.

Meanwhile, aside from glancing mentions by Joy Reid and Jake Tapper, there has been complete media silence on Sierra Blanca, a shocking and distressing example of Bernie acting in direct contradiction to the values he espouses.

Bernie Sanders made a cold political calculation in 1998 that affected the lives of hundreds of poor, powerless people half a country away. He did it because it would benefit his affluent, politically engaged constituency, and, in turn, benefit him.
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