Wednesday, March 2, 2016

NY Times columnist Frank Bruni's "less savory" qualities

Hillary speaks to supporters on Roosevelt Island,AP
Even as Hillary Clinton emerges victorious on Super Tuesday, the sexism prevails as evidenced in none other than Frank Bruni's column in the NY Times in which Frank suggests, among other blatantly sexist accusations, that Hillary exhibits "unrestrained ambition." 

Uh, Frank, have you noticed over the years that presidential candidates are by and large ambitious, or do you just criticize a female candidate for exhibiting ambition?

By the way, Frank, folks like you apparently haven't noticed, or maybe you've noticed, but resent Hillary for being able to keep her family intact and maintain several longtime friendships throughout her years of public service - that says a lot about this woman that you so assiduously mock throughout your ugly and misguided attempt to undermine her character.

In one of his backhanded compliments of Hillary, Bruni speaks of her successes on Super Tuesday. He insists his view is a "legitimate perspective." Frank, a sexist diatribe against a woman who has been voted the most admired woman in the world for many years doesn't seem that "legitimate."

You can look at Hillary Clinton’s path to this juncture and marvel at how difficult she has often made things for herself, creating messes where there didn’t need to be any, frittering away advantages, misunderstanding the mood of voters, underestimating the mettle of opponents, and failing to cement an image — and a message — that seemed authentic and right.

That’s a legitimate perspective. She’s a deeply flawed politician.

We need to remind ourselves that Bruni's shoddy column mentioned above isn't exactly original in its attempt to shame Hillary for - OMG!  - having ambitions for the White House. Her critics have faulted her for having ambition for years; whereas, I've yet to see a male political candidate for public office criticized for having ambition??!!

So while attacking Hillary in one breath, Bruni urges us, with all the condescension he can muster, to "give Hillary her moment, because she fought her way here." He then continues to distort the facts of Hillary's longtime career in public service.

Wonder if Bruni noticed that his paper, the NY Times, endorsed Hillary awhile back? Probably not. He's obviously behind the times, no pun intended. In his column titled "Clinton's Moment," Bruni unashamedly claims his perspective on Hillary is "legitimate:"

Speaking of backhanded compliments, Bruni adds this note to his not so subtle put downs of Hillary Clinton:

We were seeing the vindication of a fortitude and fierceness that warrant as much notice as her less savory qualities.

Her less savory qualities?

Among Frank Bruni's "less savory qualities," his sexism ranks right up there.

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