Monday, March 21, 2016

What?!!! Hillary is more honest than Saint Bernie?!!

Hi Katalusis friends, I'm interrupting a busy day to post this breaking news about Hillary Clinton:

Fact checkers confirm Hillary Clinton is more honest than any of her 2016 opponents.

Did you get that? I mean she rates as more honest than Saint Bernie who claims he's the purest of the pure among politicians:

The trendy knock on Hillary Clinton, even among those who acknowledge that she’s the most capable and knowledgeable of the 2016 candidates for President, is the accusation that she’s just not honest. Her opponents keep insisting that she can’t be trusted, that she’s not telling the truth, and that there is therefore no telling what she might do while in office. But whenever fact checkers look at what Clinton and her opponents are saying during this election cycle, she rates out as the most honest of the bunch.

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