Thursday, May 21, 2009

Obama Debates Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Leaders in Run-up to Guantanomo Speech (see transcript of speech and watch videos of both events)

Update: Dick Cheney’s Rebuttal of Obama’s Guantanomo Speech

Before you read the transcript of Obama’s Guantanomo speech at the National Archives or watch the video here check out the important and relevant information below:

Thanks to Taggles at the Widdershins this morning for her post regarding a meeting last night between President Obama and the leaders of several civil rights and civil liberties groups and the related video of Rachel Maddow’s interview with Newsweek reporter Michael Isikoff.

Taggles explains:

…The meeting was called by Obama and took place in the White House Cabinet Room. Obama, Emmanuel, Axelrod, Holder and Craig were there. The groups were there to voice their displeasure with Obama and his moving to the right (embracing Bush policies on torture, war, rendition, military tribunals etc). So, Obama wanted to try to reach out to these groups and bring them into the fold. In other words, try to get them to back off and keep their mouths shut. The leaders of the groups did not back down and voiced their grievances to Obama directly.

According to Isikoff, “Obama didn’t like that”, “Obama was complaining about the mess he was left by his predecessor”. When the groups pushed back, according to Isikoff, “Obama did not like it and stated it was not helpful to equate me with President Bush”.

Here’s the video:

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