Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hushing my ego

The past several months have been an intense period for me and at times I've been buffeted about by jarring encounters with disgruntled folks among my acquaintances trapped in a them vs. us conflict. Despite good intentions, I've not always handled these unsettling situations well, reacting sometimes out of pain and anger instead of stepping back, taking a deep breath or two, and responding thoughtfully.

In between times, I've wound up feeling raw and depleted. An introvert, more or less, I can struggle alone for days without it occurring to me to seek aid and comfort. In the midst of the above turmoil, however,  I incidentally visited with a good friend with whom I've practiced mindfulness meditation, conversed with a Catholic sister who crossed my path (I'm not Catholic), and met with a Qi Gong master.  Each of the foregoing individuals happens to be spiritually grounded.And I was aware during my interactions with them of healing energy. In each instance, I left feeling a lovely sense of ease.

Just yesterday, I was gifted again in the company of two long-time friends with whom I share a spiritual bond.

Also on the plus side, this challenging period in my life has helped me become more alert to my own negative feelings and periodic flareups of my egoistic needs. Slowly but surely I'm becoming more skillful in staying calm and centered in difficult circumstances.

P.S. I would  love to hear from readers who have shared similar experiences.



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  1. Do you Facebook? Sometimes that can fill up the space between being introverted and possibly isolated. As for conflicts with neighbors. I learned a long long time ago that the closer the neighbor the better to avoid getting into a disagreement or argument over anything.