Monday, January 13, 2014

Christie’s scandals: Bridgegate and Stronger than the Storm

Christie Administration Announces $57 Million Sandy Housing And Rental Assistance Program, Oct. 22, 2013. Photo from

In late December 2013, a national CNN poll suggested Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton would be tied if the 2016 election were held today. Previous polls also showed widespread enthusiasm for the New Jersey Republican governor in opposition to Clinton in the next presidential race. Let it be noted, that Clinton stayed out ahead of the remaining Republican pack of eight potential candidates.

Naturally, Hillary haters, especially pseudo-progressives who swarm the comment pages at the Huffington Post, were ecstatic at the possibility that Christie might take the leading prospective female candidate down.

And then we got Bridgegate and now we have “Stronger than the Storm,” i. e., Hurricane Sandy, erupting across the national political landscape. Check out Dana Liebelson’s coverage of Christie’s latest scandal in Mother Jones:

On Monday, CNN reported that federal officials are investigating whether New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie misused Hurricane Sandy relief funds to produce tourism ads that functioned as campaign spots when he was running for reelection. The allegations come as Christie is already immersed in scandal after internal emails suggested that a close aide to the governor—who has now been fired—orchestrated a traffic jam near the George Washington Bridge for the sake of political revenge. With the bridge episode now being investigated by the US attorney for New Jersey, this latest news means Christie, a leading potential GOP presidential contender in 2016, is facing two federal probes.

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