Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Starting the day right

To start my day right in 2014, I get into my warm robe and slippers, make my bed, and prepare a cup of regular instant coffee with lots of cream. While the water for my coffee is heating, I freshen my flowers that bring me so much joy.

Coffee in hand I return to my bedroom where there are fewer distractions. I get comfy on the edge of my bed and bask in the soft warm glow of my bedside lamp while sipping my favorite beverage -incidentally, a cup of coffee symbolizes friendship in my dreams, and cream suggests kindness.

A gentle workout relieves the stiffness in my body before I resume my seated position on the edge of my bed, turn off my lamp, close my eyes, and rein in my thoughts to pay attention to my breathing, which unavoidably reminds me of the gift of life.

Feeling calm and centered, I return to my kitchen where I reflect on recent experiences in my daily journal. After which, I flip open the new laptop the kids gave me for Christmas this year. The Internet is my portal to the wide world via email, comics, Facebook friends, and the daily news - I like keeping up with stuff.

At the conclusion of my early morning routine, I feel richly blessed - what a luxury to have the time,  space, and requisite solitude to daily nurture my mind, body, and spirit.

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