Saturday, August 23, 2008

Embarrassing Poll Numbers for Democrats on the Way to Denver

Get this: the RealClearPolitics average of the latest national polls shows Obama’s lead over McCain has shrunk to 1.5. The race between the two presumptive nominees is clearly a dead heat.

As I posted earlier, the latest WashingtonPost/ABC poll indicates that Obama’s choice of Biden as his running mate doesn’t help his case with the American people.

All of this has got to be hard to take for those on the extreme left and their media allies who satisfied their sadistic, misogynist natures by trashing Hillary Clinton throughout the Democratic primary and continue to do so at every opportunity.

Well, maybe after the Democrats oversee their illegitimate roll call vote pre-planned for next week, they’ll be able to recover some of their losses, but don’t bet on it.


  1. I would never vote for the presumptive nominee, no matter who was on the ticket. I don't condone mysoginy.