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Friday, March 7, 2008

The Obama Campaign’s Idea of the “New Politics”

Photo credits: AP

a. The Obama team unleashes a viciously false negative attack ad in Ohio focusing on Hillary Clinton's universal health care plan.

b. Obama defends the ad during the Ohio debate as “just politics."

a. The Clinton campaign releases an ad legitimately questioning Obama's national security credentials.

b. The Obama camp goes ballistic over Clinton’s challenge to his scant qualifications for the presidency.

a. Throughout the campaign, the Obama team repeatedly plays the race/religion card by distorting and twisting to the farthest extreme possible the words of anyone affiliated with the Clinton campaign.

b. After weeks of non-intervention, Obama finally hangs his head in a televised debate and admits the civil rights record of the Clintons is above reproach.

a. In the aftermath of Clinton’s recent wins in Ohio and Texas, the increasingly desperate Obama campaign once again tries to play the race card by distorting comments by Sen. Clinton on 60 Minutes.

b. MediaMatters.Org and other reputable sources effectively debunk the above distortions of Sen. Clinton’s comments.

a. A senior Obama adviser is caught crossing the line with a derogatory remark about Sen. Clinton in an interview with a Scottish newspaper.

b. Obama supporters on message boards at news sources across the internet inexplicably defend the Obama campaign's right to make derogatory remarks about Sen. Clinton to the foreign press and intensify their typically vile, hate-mongering assaults on Sen. Clinton.

The foregoing is a quick summary of the "new politics" practiced by the Obama campaign and Obama's online supporters.

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