Monday, June 2, 2008

South Dakotans Love Hillary

South Dakotans rally behind Hillary Clinton at a campaign stop in Rapid City. The Washington Post’s Anne Kornblut describes the event:

‘“On the ropeline on the way into the diner, Clinton heard a cacophony of praise and encouragement. "Keep fighting!" one woman said.

“Another woman melted into tears, telling Clinton she works three jobs and has no health insurance because she has had seizures since childhood.

“Not a new story for Clinton -- but one that moved her long enough to stay and talk to the woman awhile, and then to have her staff get her name and details (Margaret Dimock, 38, of Rapid City).

‘“Don't get discouraged. Keep the faith," Clinton told Dimock. "We'll follow through," she promised her.

“Moving inside the diner, Clinton passed from table to table, each filled with ardent supporters. She signed a little girl's pink Hillary shirt; a postcard; a copy of "It Takes a Village"; a receipt; and several copies of the giddy pamphlets informing South Dakotans that their votes tomorrow count.”

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  1. What a inspiration for women. I first met her and Bill Clinton during the l996 campaign. I went to two townhall meetings in my state this year and had a chance to talk with her. It brings tears to my eyes to know how she loves this country and what she could accomplish as President.