Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Election 2012 media tactics," for thinking people only

Bill Moyers and Kathleen Hall Jamieson courtesy of Bill

At one point in his discussion with Kathleen Hall Jamieson on election 2012 media tactics, Bill Moyers says:

I'm going to get a lot of emails from my viewers saying, "Please don't have that woman again."


BILL MOYERS: "She's making me think too much. She makes my head hurt," because these are tough choices.

Well, perhaps our heads ought to hurt now and then, especially in an election year. And you have the opportunity to hear or read the entire discussion thanks to Bill

Our nation is moving through a dangerous period in our history and who we choose to lead us for the next four years actually does matter. So be brave and watch the video below or read the transcript. Afterward, annoy your family, friends, co-workers, etc. with all the tough questions raised.


BILL MOYERS: Welcome. The presidential campaign is off and running; off and running from one fundraiser to another. President Obama has already set a record: the "Financial Times" reports almost 200 events at which he’s rattled the tin cup, more than his four predecessors combined. He’s ahead overall – with $104 million the last time papers were filed with the Federal Election Commission. That’s ten times more than what Mitt Romney’s campaign had in the bank.

But Romney is the darling of the super PACs: Pro-Romney PACs have collected ten times as much from the friendly rich who prefer to give anonymously. And even when he’s the draw, you don’t see much of the candidate: At a New Jersey fundraiser the other day, Mitt Romney vacuumed up $400,000 in one hour at a private home while the press was safely cordoned off by police. No peeking allowed.
But while only a few people will actually see the candidates up close between now and November, we will be seeing the commercials that all that money is buying. They’re coming at us now fast and furious:

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