Saturday, September 8, 2012

After rejecting the Clintons in 08, liberal punditry now bows to Bill and Hillary

Bill and Hillary rise again.

In the wake of the 2012 conventions this Saturday morning, the punditry (even conservative David Brooks) appears to be in agreement that the Democrats outscored the Republicans and while Bill Clinton’s nominating speech reached historical greatness, Barack Obama’s acceptance speech, at a more mundane level, accomplished what was required of it.

(Keep in mind this is the same punditry that did its best in 2008 to banish Bill and Hillary Clinton from politics forever in order to elevate the Obamas to heights no human beings would ever be able to reach.)

Joe Conason at RCP writes:

Bill killed.

Nominating Barack Obama for a second term, the former president brought to bear the full weight of his political experience and forensic skill Wednesday night, on behalf of a man who was once his adversary. Rewritten up until the final hour before he took the podium, this was among his finest campaign speeches, even surpassing the address he delivered at the last Democratic convention in 2008. Clinton presented an exhaustive argument for Obama (and against the Republicans) with four key elements:

A lesson in presidential economics delivered in professorial style, acknowledging complexity while at the same time presenting issues in an understandable and even simple style. There has been no political leader since FDR with Clinton's capacity to perform this rhetorical magic, and there is none today who can match him. He possesses a singular authority to discuss employment, spending and debt, having proved his GOP opponents wrong so decisively in the past that they now attempt to cite him as a model.

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  1. I just can't believe how the media now praises the Clinton's after destroying Hillary in particular 4 years ago!

    It just shows what an empty suit the One really is. I felt badly for Bill Clinton, only because he had to praise a man who displayed his own war on women with the way he "won" the primary.

    I noticed that little bow by Clinton. It had to be to ridicule O's bowing to potentates.
    And that hug. It looked as if Bill wanted to grip like a boa.

    Hillary made the best decision by not appearing at the DNC. At least she is the only working member of that cabinet.