Friday, September 7, 2012

Time for Democrats to set aside their differences

Photo courtesy of the Daily Kos.
It's time for Democrats to follow the example set by Bill Clinton when he nominated Barack Obama the other night and put aside our differences. As Bill points out in the letter below, the stakes are very high in the 2012 election:

Virginia --

The stakes couldn’t be higher in the 2012 election.

The outcome will determine the direction our country takes for the next generation.

The last thing we want is to wake up the day after the election regretting that we didn’t do enough to prevent the Republican Party from winning the White House and maintaining their grip on Congress.

Donate $3 or more today to win a Democratic majority and help President Obama achieve the change we need for America.

Let’s take this opportunity to show the full force of our grassroots strength.


Bill Clinton

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  1. I'm in the bah humbug category at this point in time.

    1. Hi Allessandro,

      I understand how you feel. But listening to Bill Clinton the other night, I reached a turning point and decided that on behalf of our nation it was time for Democrats to set our differences aside and move on. I hope you and I and other Hillary supporters from 08 can continue to be friends.