Sunday, June 22, 2014

Go figure: National Democrats abandon Wendy Davis

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What is it with national Democrats? In 2008, they abandoned Hillary Clinton, the obviously better qualified candidate, to support Barack Obama with his impressive Wall Street backers - Obama was the leader of the pack with Wall Street funding in 08. Now these same stalwart Democrats, who claim to be progressive, are pulling the rug out from under Wendy Davis in the Texas governor's race. Do you suppose the big guns in the Democratic Party are a bunch of throwback sexists? Looks like it.

Over at Politico, Katie Glueck writes:

SAN ANTONIO — Wendy Davis was riding high last summer as the most watched, most talked about, most loved new Democratic star. Her fans included Harry Reid and Barack Obama. Liberals all over Washington toasted her, urging her to run for governor of Texas.

A year later, she’s hit a low point, grappling with the reality of running for office as a Democrat in a deep-red state.

Her campaign’s relationship with the Democratic Governors Association has soured. She’s down in the polls by double digits. And national Democrats have all but written off her race.
But Davis is defiant.

(QUIZ: How well do you know Wendy Davis?)

“I don’t spend time thinking about whether someone in Washington, D.C. believes that this is a winnable race – I know it is,” she told POLITICO.

In a nearly 15-minute interview here, dripping with disdain for Washington, Davis said the D.C. chattering class fails to see the energy she encounters in Texas, where, she says, people regularly come up to her moved to tears.

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